Many midwives care for more than three bearing at the same time

Many midwives care for more than three bearing at the same time

Many midwives in Germany have to deal with several women in labour at the same time. The two opinions of the Scientific services of the Bundestag. The results confirm the significant shortage of staff and high workload in the obstetrics.

The midwife associations complain for a Long time about a lack of staff in obstetrics. According to the German midwifery Association (DHV) were missing in the clinical area of almost 2000 midwives.

Studies from the individual Federal States show that a midwife may have to care for three or more women. The medical societies for inpatient obstetrics to recommend a one-to-One care.

In Saxony, around had to take care of in the intensive layers of 30 percent of the midwives to “more than four-bearer,” as the opinion States that a survey shows. In Bavaria, only six out of 100 women had a midwife for yourself and your Newborn. In order to improve the care key, “missing simply to the midwives,” it says. Clinics often need half a year or even longer to fill Vacancies.

Every fourth midwife is thinking of the profession

Complaints about Overload from all the studied provinces. In Baden-W├╝rttemberg, seven reported, therefore, from ten midwives, that their working hours had increased in the past five years, “significantly or very significantly”. More than half of the employees of midwives in Saxony said that women can not care, as they felt it was right. Every fourth specialist was considering, therefore, to renounce the profession.

The Left-politician, Sabine Zimmermann, who is also Chairman of the Committee for family Affairs, senior citizens, women and youth, called the results “terrifying”. For years, the German birth to be financed by aid. Zimmermann warned of a vicious circle. Midwives were desperately lacking. At the same time, the money for new Posts is missing.

The international comparison shows, that there is another way: In Norway, for example, the One-to-written-to-One support, as required, and is achieved at 60 percent of the births. Also in Switzerland the ratio of 1:1 is considered Standard, even if it is not adhered to there is always.