These Motherhood Memes Will Possibly Make You Pee Laughing

These Motherhood Memes Will Possibly Make You Pee Laughing

Yes, yes, we know: Motherhood is a beautiful, sweet miracle that changes your life for the better. It is also the biggest shit show of never-ending poop, tears, screaming, and maybe even sometimes wishing you’d used a condom. Maybe. Being a mom is a full-time job, one that you’re likely doing on top of your other job, and it isn’t glamourous. If there’s one thing we harried moms need, it’s to keep our wits and our sense of humor about us — because some days, a few belly laughs are the only thing getting us through. Enter: These hilarious motherhood memes, which perfectly capture the ups, downs, and utter vomit-inducing rollercoaster that is being a mom.

You know that feeling when sometimes your heart is so full, you cry for no reason? Or maybe you lock yourself in the closet sometimes so you can eat Twizzlers in peace (with your little ones peering under the door all the while yelling, ‘Mom! Mom! Mama! Mommy! Mom!’)? No? Just me? Well, regardless of where you are in your motherhood saga — whether you have a newborn who seems to think your boob is detachable or a toddler after whom they should name an energy drink — these memes will have you rolling your eyes and declaring, “Same, girl. Same.”

Yes, RDJ. Yes. We’ve all been there. Even when it’s nothing more than the walk to the mailbox and back or the quick jaunt around to the drivers seat once you’ve buckled in your kid — peace is peace. Now if only it lasted longer than three seconds.

Let’s not pretend we moms get much alone time in the bathroom. But when we do occasionally get a blissful minute or two without a milk-hungry hand down our shirt or a finger in our ear, you bet we are scrolling and peeing in peace. Since kids have no understanding of the words “personal space,” it’s no wonder that even on the porcelain throne, we’re even at the mercy of our deplorable — I mean, adorable — tots, even mid-shit.

Mom brain is real, and even though you can probably manage to keep three kids’ sports, theater, school and social lives organized, you can’t ever seem to remember what year it is, or if/when you were ever supposed to call Karen back. Even the OG mom, your mom, will be impressed when you remember to send a card on Mother’s Day, or her birthday. Or call. Or a mention on Insta. Or remember it at all.

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s if a toddler says no, they mean yes. Do you want macaroni? No? Are you sure? Are you positive? Ok then. Cut to two seconds later, when they’re in tears because they asked you to make macaroni not MACARONI. (Insert eye-roll here.)

There should be an Olympics for toddlers. Seriously. Any 3-year-old with a Lego in their mouth who knows they’ve been caught could outrun me any day. Leave a doughnut on the table, tell your kid he can’t have it, leave the room, and time his run starting as soon as he makes eye contact with you. World-record speed, I tell you.

Every bathtime becomes a battle of how-many-towels-will-I-need-for-the-floor-and-will-there-be-any-left-to-dry-my-kid. Seriously, how is it possible so much liquid can escape one bath tub? They need to make bathtubs with higher walls, because even if you only put in two inches of water, this is one cannonball challenge your kid must win.

Preach. No matter who we are or how we raise our kids, we’ve all looked around the grocery store parking lot to see if anyone else saw that and whether they’re silently judging us.

At least 50 times a day I find myself hollering “Get your hands out your butt!” at my kid. There must be some kind of magnet in there or something, right?? Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to get any better as they get older; it gets worse. Hey, at least your kid wears pants?

Truer words were never spoken.

Some parents are nurturing, loving, and patient. Others… listen, you do you. Kids gotta fly one day, might as well be today.

Vines growing out of the fireplace, monkeys climbing all over the fridge, oh you’ve got a lion in the bedroom? Yup, that’s called a normal Monday.

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