Young people coincides with a headache in a coma, and wakes up as a mother

Young people coincides with a headache in a coma, and wakes up as a mother

A young woman from the UK has unexpectedly brought a child into the world. The 18-Year-old Ebony Stevenson from the English Oldham had been admitted with headache and epileptic seizures to the hospital. There, the Doctors found a so-called pre-eclampsia, a pregnancy poisoning. They put the young woman in a long-term anesthesia and did an emergency C-section. The mother, who was in the emergency situation-there was never a pregnancy.

When Ebony woke up four days later, she learned that she now has a daughter, reports several British media consistently. How could it happen that the young people knew nothing of her pregnancy? Why she noticed no physical changes, and why she suffered epileptic seizures?

Period despite pregnancy

The solution to the puzzle is a rare congenital malformation called Uterus didelphys. The uterus is double. Ebonys child grew unnoticed in the rear of the uterus, which was located on the belly behind the wall. Therefore, the baby belly was barely recognizable from the outside, suspect the Doctors.

In the other uterus has a mucous built up, however, as usual, skin was repelled during the period. Ebony had bleeding throughout the pregnancy month.

And even otherwise, the young woman noticed according to their own figures, no signs of pregnancy. Her belly had not grown noticeably, she didn’t feel any Nausea. Then the severe headaches and convulsions had occurred. The cause of these symptoms pre – eclampsia-one of the most dangerous complications of a pregnancy.

Two diagnoses at once

In the case of a pre-eclampsia of the Pregnant women develops a high blood pressure. Add to this the protein excretions in the urine. In addition to the kidneys, the liver can be affected and not work properly, in the lungs, water is collected, the blood cells break down or the placenta is not properly supplied with blood. Every year, about two out of 100 Pregnant women in Germany are diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. In the case of Routine screening in pregnancy high blood pressure and protein excretion, however, usually and Doctors can monitor the Pregnant woman then close and optionally react to it. (Read more about it here.)

In Ebony two diagnoses came together so: a rare malformation of the uterus and pre-eclampsia. Whether the 18-Year-old could have replaced their pregnancy, is unclear. It’s not that women notice that you are pregnant. Doctors speak of a “Gravitas suppressalis” – a repressed pregnancy.

According to estimates, one out of 500 is not Pregnant clear that she is expecting a child. In Germany, approximately 270 women per year, therefore, at the time of the birth that you are pregnant. Experts distinguish between repressed and denied pregnancies. While in the case of a repressed pregnancy, the feelings take place entirely in the subconscious, is the woman at the denied Form is actually clear that she is expecting a child. (Read more about it here.)

Ebony brought a healthy daughter into the world. “It sounds terrible, but I asked first, therefore, take them away,” she quotes from “The Intependant”. “I was so upset and sure that the Doctors must have made a mistake.” At first she was afraid, she could establish a close bond with your daughter, but in the meantime, she is looking forward to being a mother. The 18-Year-old now wants to continue their education.