A feature of the face shows whether you are on a blood circulation disorder suffer

A feature of the face shows whether you are on a blood circulation disorder suffer

In the case of atherosclerosis of the vessels – heart attack and stroke calcify threaten. In Germany, approximately 342,000 people die each year directly or indirectly. Experts can detect, in certain cases, a threat is already in your face before to be Concerned, discomfort to develop.

In the case of a hardening of the arteries, also called arteriosclerosis., calcify and harden the blood vessels. This can be damaging to organs and to a heart attack. Often a disorder of the fat metabolism is behind the calcification.

A note on an inherited lipid metabolism disorder, called familial hypercholesterolemia, is a yellow-white Ring at the horn in people under 50 years of age, the so-called “old man ring”. Since these patients have receptors for the uptake of LDL can store this not only in the eye, but also in the skin. Typically, small fat Islands are under the eyes.

The heel can also be a reference to an inherited disorder of the fat metabolism. Excess cholesterol can also cause the Achilles tendon are deposited, and pain. However, not only externally, it comes to such fat retention. The arteries are affected and leads to atherosclerotic changes.

People with the hereditary disorder at a young age have an increased risk for heart attack and stroke. You must be treated with drugs.

Risk factors for atherosclerosis

Among the known risk factors of today are the diseases of civilization:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Overweight
  • Fat metabolism disorders

Of course behind the age leaves its mark. But also “soft” factors such as the duration of stress or social Isolation, damage to the nervous and hormone system, the arteries. As a stress factor and noise is out of the question. Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are quite simply a poison for the blood vessels.

Food for healthy blood vessels

The American cardiologist Dean Ornish has demonstrated that a vegan diet in combination with Yoga, even an existing atherosclerosis can be reversed. There is a lot of vegetables, legumes, grain products and eat little to no meat is worth it.

Some foods are particularly beneficial for those who are fit vessels:

  • Linseed oil: It contains a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids, which ensure the elasticity of the vessels. Daily, a teaspoon in the cold kitchen.
  • Ginger: It ensures that less of LDL-cholesterol “rancid”. It reduces platelet clotting readiness of the blood, and the effect of infarct as a preventive measure. And: ginger enlarged vessels in the cross section of the blood, which acts to lower blood pressure. So, a day, two to three cups of ginger tea drink and so on many ways, protect the heart.
  • Beetroot: it is rich in nitrate, which the metabolic process of nitric oxide converted. This Gas makes the vessels more supple, enabling them to offer better extensibility. The effect: the blood pressure drops. In addition, Beetroot contains a lot of important heart minerals potassium and Magnesium.
  • More Energizer are tomatoes, pomegranates, all varieties of Cabbage, Apples, celery and of course garlic. Colorful food is the best guarantee that the vessels with the important antioxidants, phytochemicals and provide essential Oils.

No disease of the modern age

Pharaoh Merneptah, who lived from 1213 to 1203 BC, and died around 60 years. In old age he suffered, the result of studies of the mummy, not only to Arthritis, and tooth decay, but also to arteriosclerosis. In other mummies, an American team of researchers was able to find the walls also calcification of the arteries.

The mute witnesses from distant times make it clear that atherosclerosis is not only a disease of the present time. Perhaps this research will help to understand the development of arteriosclerosis even better.

To date, some processes are unclear. Why have certain sections of an arterial vessel strong changes and others do not? Why is affected the internal thoracic artery (Arteria thoracica interna) is almost never of atherosclerosis? Therefore, it is used as a bypass material. How can it be that the carotid artery is sklerosiert outside of the skull and enters the cranial fossa with a normal texture?

Over a 100 years lasting struggle has now raised by the research of Professor Haverich of the Hannover Medical school a crucial question: Are the retention of calcium and fat in the vessel walls due to atherosclerosis is responsible, or infections triggered by viruses, bacteria, and fungi this process by damaging the blood vessels from the outside to the inside?

How to grab fine dust and other environmental toxins in the arteries? It may be that different processes for the same disease can lead to image. A lot of question marks and a lot of research is needed.

Franziska Rubin was born in 1968 in Hannover, Germany. You Doctor and medical journalist, and moderated for 17 years, the health magazine “main thing Healthy”. She has also written the book “My gentle medicine for a strong heart”.