A look at the Numbers: What the infection and death cases in Italy about the Virus tell

A look at the Numbers: What the infection and death cases in Italy about the Virus tell

“I’ll stay home”: What is the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, announced on Monday evening to the public, he advises his countrymen. To stop the spread of the Coronavirus in Italy, wants to put the Premier public life is largely silent.

The measures are drastic – but maybe the only way to reduce the number of New infections and deaths finally. Yet rampant the Virus in Italy, especially violently; only in China, more and more people with Covid have been infected-19. The star has the civil protection and from the health Institute published the case numbers in Italy, a deeper look at – you betrayed together with the worldwide to Pay a lot about who is particularly vulnerable and what is the Virus with the sick power.


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The case of Italy, numbers are particularly exciting, because you could give a kind of preview about what Germany could still be in front of you and how to deal with the Virus best.

1. Not even one percent of the Italians has been infected previously with Corona

According to the current numbers of cases are currently subject to a rate of infection in Italy of around 0.02 percent. For comparison: In Germany the infection rate is currently at 0.001 percent. Both values are very low.

2. Who are infected, 75 percent are older than 50

Most of the people who have been tested in Italy a positive effect on the Corona, are 51 years of age or older. In Detail: 1.4 percent are younger than 19 years; 22 percent are between 19 and 50 years; 37 percent are between 51 and 70 years and over 39 percent are older than 70. The average age of the Corona-Infected in Italy is 65 years.

3. Each of the 20. Infected in Italy, dies at Corona

In relation to the number of the Infected, the mortality rate in Italy is higher than anywhere else in the world. To date, about five percent of all Patients died in Italy. For comparison: The global average is 28. Infected, a mortality rate died rate of 3.5 percent. In Germany, the rate is currently about 0.25 per cent.

Lung disease

Thousands of Corona-Infected: Why the Virus in Italy more rampant than anywhere else in Europe

Why in Italy, more people die than elsewhere, has not yet been finally clarified. Perhaps the higher death contexts figures also in Italy – in contrast to, for example, Germany and Spain – also post-mortem on Corona will be tested.

To do this, Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute said on Tuesday: “only one can be reported as a Coronavirus of the Deceased, if he has been proven as a Coronavirus-Infected.” You may have so died in the past, people in Germany at Corona, without that one knew of it. Other fatalities in Germany could be assumed, so Wieler.

4. It die mostly people who are over 80

Among the so far to the consequences of the Coronavirus deaths of Italians, older people were mostly:

5. The first symptoms to show after three to four days

The data from the authorities show that the most positive effect on the Corona of the tested people showed, on average, three to four days of the first symptoms.

6. Almost half of all Infected have no or only mild symptoms

Ten percent of the infected Italians have formed no symptoms, five percent had hardly any symptoms, 30 per cent is only slight. In almost a third of the Infected normal symptoms occurred, at around 6 per cent, heavy, and in 19 percent of the infection cases, the disease took a critical course.

7. Most of the deceased had pre-existing conditions

The analysis of the data also showed that two-thirds of the deceased’s Corona-the patients had pre-existing conditions.

8. A full recovery is likely to be – but it does

While, for example, in the Chinese province of Hubei of 67.760 Infected 47.741 already complete status as of: Tuesday afternoon), are recovered (take the recovery in Italy is longer, From the date 9172 Infected only 724 are recover completely. However, the Virus has broken out in China much earlier than in Italy.

In China, the hope in view is slow

While the Virus is spreading in Italy and Europe for the moment, China is managed according to its own information in the fight against the epidemic was a turning point. In your previous epicenter of Hubei, the epidemic was “Substantially mitigated,” said China’s head of state Xi Jinping on Tuesday during a visit to Wuhan. The authorities loosened the restrictions that apply since the imposition of the quarantine of Hubei in front of one and a half months.


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Since a few days, the number of new infections in the whole of China goes back considerably. On Tuesday, it was according to the authorities, only 17 new Infections in Wuhan, this was the lowest number since the beginning of the publication of the daily new infections in China at the 21. January. Two further new cases have been reported from other areas.So I turned in the fight against the epidemic, the “sheet”, so-Xi.

In the Eleven-million-inhabitant metropolis of Wuhan, the novel Coronavirus had occurred in December for the first time in humans. Since then, the most in Hubei were registered in mainland China, more than 80.700 infections and over 3100 deaths.

Sources: Figures from the Institute of health [1], and Numbers of the health institution [2], John Hopkins University (global Figures), news agencies DPA, AFP, ANSA

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