Already thousands infected: How to protect yourself now in front of the Norovirus – Video

Already thousands infected: How to protect yourself now in front of the Norovirus – Video

The Norovirus is not a new Evil, but one that uses the onset of winter for its large Aufrtritt. Also in 2018, the Figures of the diseases in the Winter to rise: it was the middle of the year, 500 cases reported Doctors last week, already almost 2500. FOCUS Online explains what you need to know now.

With the onset of winter the season for colds, flu and the Norovirus begins. More than 20,000 cases to the Robert Koch Institute RKI reported, already for 2018. At the beginning of December, the number of weekly Infections increased for the first time at about 2000. In comparison to the quieter weeks of the summer, in which the incidence of about 500 cases are reported, this is an increase of more than four times.

Anyone who is infected is suffering from a very unpleasant vomiting and diarrhea. The infection prevention you can follow some of the tips of the German society for gastroenterology, digestive and metabolic diseases:

1. Wash hands

A tip, you can’t give often enough. Noroviruses are very resistant and can also survive on surfaces like door handles or bathroom sink for several days. Therefore, the experts recommend that you wash several times a day your hands thoroughly with hot water and soap.

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2. Use separate towels and hygiene items

You live with a diseased Person, under one roof, should make sure to use separate towels and hygiene items. In the ideal case, the sick Person should use a separate toilet.

3. You wash bedding and clothing as hot

Since the virus also here is persistent, you should wash all fabrics with which a Diseased direct has not been in contact as hot.

Doctors also warn that norovirus is also weeks after the symptoms have disappeared, to be excreted more in the faeces. If it has caught you once, help drink the usual tips: a Lot, in order to supply the body with water and electrolytes. A self – made drink solution with a half a Liter of still water, a teaspoon of salt and seven to eight teaspoons of grape or sugar, for example, is. In addition, you should have a rest and be sure to stay at home as norovirus is highly contagious.