Aluminum-containing Deodorants are less dangerous than previously thought

Aluminum-containing Deodorants are less dangerous than previously thought

Aluminum-containing Deodorants are less stressful for the body than previously thought. The Institute for risk assessment (BfR) announced on Tuesday in Berlin.

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“By the skin significantly less aluminum is taken as on date the available, limited data basis”, said BfR President Andreas Hensel. However, the Institute urges continued caution for acidic and salt-containing foods and beverages in aluminum foil, aluminium grill trays or uncoated aluminium trays and utensils. In case of improper use could thus be absorbed comparatively a lot of aluminum.

Aluminum in food is the greater danger

In many of the Deodorants aluminum salts are used. You should block the flow of Sweat and the odor inhibit. According to the BfR for a long time was unsure how much of the aluminum is absorbed by the skin. A study from the year 2019 have supplied reliable data for the current risk assessment. Those who want to protect themselves against the high aluminum consumption, should be careful, especially acidic and salt-containing foods and beverages with aluminum, in contact, such as drinking bottles, baking trays, grill trays,” says the Institute. To do this, sliced Apples, tomatoes, rhubarb, salt herring, marinated meat or cheese included. Also at the end of tooth-pastes do not contain aluminum.

The experts recommend to reduce the use or eliminate. So for a barbecue reusable cups are prefer from stainless steel. To high aluminum levels in the body can have to our current knowledge, negative effects on the nervous system, the kidneys and the bones. According to the BfR, the total burden of aluminum in some groups of the population to high. The new assessment of the Deodorants will not change anything.

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