Aneurysm in the case of Emilia Clarke: These warning signs you can’t ignore

Aneurysm in the case of Emilia Clarke: These warning signs you can’t ignore

Young, fit and in danger of death, because an artery in the brain threatens to burst – like “Game of Thrones”Star Emilia Clark is up to two percent of the adult. Many of those Affected do not even know that they have such an aneurysm in the head. However, there are symptoms that indicate a life-threatening vascular.

The actress Emilia Clarke is an actress in the popular TV series “Game of Thrones”. Now, you wrote in the “New Yorker” about a life-threatening illness, and their two dramatic brain surgery. Your destiny is to share one to two percent of all adults: you have an aneurysm.

When the now 32-Year-old was found with the middle of 20 of a brain aneurysm. This is an Aneurysm in an artery that can burst and heavy bleeding triggers. The most common aneurysms occur in the abdominal or carotid artery in patients over 60 with high blood pressure or hardening of the arteries.

Aneurysm in young people: thin-walled vessels are to blame

Young Sufferers like Emilia Clarke but is almost always a congenital vascular malformation in the brain. The arterial wall is particularly thin and unstable. This makes the Situation particularly threatening because of bleeding within the brain ends because of a ruptured artery are often fatal or very serious brain damage.

If Emilia Clarke is a minimally invasive procedure in 2011 was successful, you had to second however, two years later a much more dramatic aneurysm surgery.

Hardly anyone knows of his aneurysm in the brain

As the majority of the aneurysm-makers, the actress no complaints had shot up during a sport unit with their coach suddenly unbearable stabbing pain through her head. An MRI in hospital revealed the cause of apparent and forced for the immediate Operation.

Afterwards, she couldn’t remember even temporarily in their own name, and does not make sense to speak, writes Clarke in her Essay. The panic that gripped you, aneurysm-track patients. Temporary disturbances during operations on the brain often.

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Since the MRI scan Emilia Clarke knew of another aneurysm on the other side of the head, which could at any time tear. The actress turned however, two more seasons of “GoT”, before deciding in 2013 to have the surgery. The Aneurysm to the vessel was double become so large as at the first examination.

This was perhaps the reason why it didn’t work this time so uncomplicated. There was a hemorrhage and the Doctors had to open the skull in order to save Clarke’s brain and your life. It is almost a miracle that the actress of which recovered without any restriction.

In the case of Monica Lierhaus, the aneurysm SURGERY something wrong

So much luck, the German TV presenter Monica Lierhaus had not. Also she has an aneurysm should be surgically removed. It came to a massive cerebral hemorrhage. Lierhaus fought back to life, it remained irreparable, motor deficits.

Although the Operation of a brain aneurysm poses a high risk of complications, the Alternative is equally dangerous: A thin-walled vascular Sacs can rupture with any physical effort, parts of the brain with blood flood and the vital oxygen supply. In two of the three non-treated aneurysms in the brain that is sometime the case.

The most Affected are not but even prior to this decision, because they feel the aneurysm, nothing like the look Emilia Clarke game for the longest time.

Symptoms appear only when quick and immediate Action is necessary

  • The leading Symptom are headache, out of the blue
  • To Nausea
  • Blurred vision
  • Paralysis
  • a painful stiff neck
  • Fainting.

Prevention is the case of congenital aneurysms is not possible. An acquired Aneurysm due to high blood pressure or hardening of the arteries, the typical cardiovascular protection: do not smoke, stabilize blood pressure, cholesterol values, avoid Obesity.