Aromatherapy for Stress on the Job

Aromatherapy for Stress on the Job

Nurses suffering from Stress, anxiety, fatigue or Overwork, it could help aromatherapy. In a pilot study, behind a mix of citrus aromas in the case of nurses in a cancer centre had a much better feel in coping with their work.

For eight weeks 19 wearing nurses from the infusion center of the Oncology Institute for several hours a day patch with a mixture of essential Oils of lemon, Orange, tangerine, pink Grapefruit, lemon grass, lime and peppermint. After the aroma therapy, you gave tired in the surveys, significantly less stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed: The degree of anxiety and fatigue had dropped by 40 percent, the Stress and the feeling of Overwork had decreased by half.

Study leader Dr Marian Reven of the West Virginia University School of Nursing, explained: "Nurses on cancer wards are exposed to a unique kind of Stress. There are so many types of cancer, which are considered to be chronic diseases, the nurses in the Oncology infusion center, these people often years instead of months to see. You know you and invest in your life."

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The results of the research suggest that people can feel through aroma therapy to get better, working in healthcare. Reven, however, emphasises that it is important to use high quality essential Oils. You had to buy special products to take advantage of the aromatherapy &quot:;Bake for aroma therapy. To cut an Orange aroma therapy. We use aromatherapy all the time."


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