As a lobby Association, harms the mentally ill

As a lobby Association, harms the mentally ill

Thirty psychotherapists have called your sister, but for months now she gets the place of Therapy, many would have not even responded. The told a neighbor to my wife and asked her, whether, I, the chief doctor of a large psychiatric clinic, could help in this case. We took the patient, she was severely depressed and nervous and completely at the end. After a few weeks of intense therapy, she got well, and could stably be discharged.

Such stories almost everyone knows, but few people happen to have is a psychiatric chief physician in the neighborhood. For years, the abuse is known, but nobody does anything Effective against it; the severely mentally ill have no Lobby.

30 years ago, I got for every mentally ill person within three days of a psychotherapy appointment today that will take in Germany for five months. But who is really mentally ill, can’t wait for so long.

The experts agree that the severe mental illnesses have not increased. The unreasonable waiting time is a broken System that promotes the treatment of Healthy and really sick.

A disgrace to a civilized country

While you are reading this Text here, then torture themselves everywhere patient without assistance, the relatives are in despair, and none of them helps. The collapse of the outpatient psychiatric-psychotherapeutic care is a disgrace for a civilized country.

Now the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), has taken a bold attempt to change that. In a first draft, he spoke of a “staged and controlled supply”, without specifying more precisely what he meant by that.

However, even this suggestion has led to the Outcry of the most powerful lobbyist organization in this field in Germany, the Federal chamber of psychotherapists (BPtK). Are these people for years, successfully, that the psychotherapist to “patient” – without any interest in how patients come to therapists.

Burn-Out is not a disease

Burn-out campaigns, by journalists for a long time promoted, have contributed their best. As we know, Burn-out is no disease. This is the controversial notion of a hodgepodge of different phenomena, including real depression, but it is also the only disorders that have no disease value is gathered rather. Burn-out is a marketing term, with self-proclaimed Burn-out expert, and Burn-out clinics, in which stressed managers to combat some annoying inabilities with water.

Meanwhile, there are 1.5 million psychotherapy patients in Germany, a billion-dollar business. So it’s no wonder that year for year the BPtK times reported about the long wait, from which it is derived, only one claim: more psychotherapists!

The long waiting times are due to the fact that there is no effective control, whether a patient is sitting in a psychotherapist or a person in a life crisis. If a woman is suddenly been by her man leave, then that is often worse than a severe Depression; but this is not a disease, but a healthy emotional response to a terrible Situation.

Such a woman may need a psychological counselor, but in any case, no ill treatment of the community of solidarity at the expense. But no one controls that.

Effective control there is not

The applications must be made for the so-called directives-psychotherapy at the box office, for years, to 97 percent by waved; because the reviewers only paper, no patients to see. And who has the arrogance to deny a people a therapy which he has not personally seen even a colleague explains, in writing, for urgent therapy in need of. Such “patients” are now all under the Label of “moderate depressive Episode” to the psychotherapist – and for the really sick, there is no Therapy.

Psychological psychotherapists do excellent work, and the vast majority of treat, of course, really Sick. But the System promotes the treatment of Healthy. Ask yourself what you would do, if you have the free choice, for the same fee a seriously disturbed people to treat or the healthy neighbour who for any reason need to talk. No wonder, then, that the psychotherapy system in Germany invite you to self-service for psychotherapists. That is the Problem.

As I wrote five years ago, an article about the collapse of the outpatient psychiatric-psychotherapeutic care in Germany, I got a lot of encouragement from patients and relatives; but instantly an incredible Shitstorm of psycho-therapists officials broke over me I had never experienced before. Since there were false allegations, accusations, even threats. An editor told me not to get upset, psychotherapists officials are the Worst.

The Public is being manipulated

An influential colleague congratulated me with the facetious remark, if I had hired a security service, as a contribution to publish in Germany with impunity. Since I was never anywhere official to lose after a nearly 40-year career, had nothing, and myself exclusively to the interests of the patient-oriented, for me it was at the time a whole new experience. In the meantime, it just makes me even more angry, as here, unrestrained, the Public is manipulated and all run for cover, when, once again, the Federal chamber of psychotherapists, a campaign starts. The price of the suffering sick mentally on the waiting lists in our country and the desperate families that need to be shaken to see, how no one helps, and obviously none for you interested in numbers.

If you think radically of the people that are in urgent need of therapy, and all the professional political vanities omitted, there would be solutions that could quickly and easily be implemented. Serious experts are now in agreement that it would be Easy to reduce the waiting times from five months to about three weeks.

For this purpose, a functioning mechanism will have to be addressed, to ensure that healthy people in life crises other auxiliary choices. Thus, Therapy would be free, so that, in particular, severely mentally Ill could quickly get help.

Best: nothing to do

But every discussion, on whatever solution that is, as is now done, in the approach prevents; because, against every attempt to Reform the BPtK fight with all means. Immediately it brought against the Minister of health a Petition soon reached 200,000 signatures; because you obviously had to clamp no scruples, just the patient. The formulations were cleverly chosen, it was against “hurdles”, against “discrimination”, for “free access” – who such claims would not sign it? But in the end it was emphatically for it – nothing to do! In the face of desperate list patients Waiting, it was hard to beat in cynicism hardly to say it brazenly, “in Germany with great success and high satisfaction of the patients will be treated”.

The policy is in a difficult position. On all fronts, the Federal power psychotherapists chamber pressure, as soon as it goes against their interests. And these interests are as follows: no control, and more psychotherapists.

Actually, a left-wing party such as the SPD would have to take their very own clientele, the Poorest of the poor, against such lobbyists in protection, and ensure that non-stressed Manager, frustrated, divorce, sacrifice, and the wealthy who have taken over, to the detriment of the solidarity community, but really Sick.

Alone, but powerful

But can the SPD of the most subtle lobbying of the BPtK resist? The Green, otherwise, always restless fighter against lobbyists activities, are to date probably the most grateful victim of this cynical campaign. And also, some of the journalists are not interested in the plight of the patients, one-sided “information” and so to the speaker for the interests of a particular occupational group.

As psychological psychotherapists only treat about 50 patients a year, a psychiatrist, for example, by contrast, about 1000, are the countless members of the BPtK, the master now, all the decisive bodies, not those with the most to treat the mentally ill. All of the other relevant expert associations, however, are of the opinion that urgently needs to change something.

Also, the statutory health insurance companies have long known that the massive Occurrence of the BPtK hampered for years with adequate care for their mentally ill Insured. Jens Spahn want to now entrust the self-government body, the Joint Federal Committee in order to find a solution.

Whether that will succeed is uncertain, because even in this body, those lobbyists have a lot of Power. However, it is reasonable to make this attempt. The hope is that the representatives of the people represented in this important question of the interests of the people, namely the patients, and not to be henchmen of lobbyists, the lead for years, the Public around by the nose.