Dispute relating to limit values – EU Scheuer emergence of

Dispute relating to limit values – EU Scheuer emergence of

The EU Commission has rejected a reassessment of the applicable pollutant limits. The Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) had demanded in a letter, after German lung specialist doctors had doubts of Dieter Köhler, the current limit values.

In the meantime, it is clear that have supported the Doctors in their calculations on the wrong values, Scheuer remained, nevertheless, in the case of his claim. It was urgently necessary that the EU-Commission to deal with the Doubts formulated by the Minister of transport in his Letter, even before the error in the calculations of the Doctors were known.

The review has already begun

The response of the competent EU commissioners Violeta Bulc (transport), Karmenu Vella (environment) and Elbieta Biekowska (internal market) is clear: Scientific findings about nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter meadows “negative health effects”, cited the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” from the Letter.

The commissioners could not take the fact that Germany has also committed to adhere to the limits. Although they thanked Scheuer, “she points to several physicians have sent to us as an attachment to your Letter is a representation of the criticism in Germany,” it says smugly in the letter. The commissioners had, however, taken note of the fact that the statements in the would be exposed as faulty.

The findings on which the current limits are based, are considered “professional” and “expert” has been reviewed. A re-evaluation of the limits have also started already in the previous year. In the course of which will anyway be checked, whether the current limits are sufficient.

“We would welcome a contribution from the Federal government”

At the conclusion of the letter to the EU commissioners Scheuer encourage, in the Review. The EU States had already been invited. “We would welcome the contribution of the Federal government as soon as possible,” write the commissioners.

For Scheuer, the answer from Brussels is a new setback. Chancellor Merkel has declared that the dispute over limits, have long been the chief thing, and researchers are commissioned to examine the allegations independently and educate.