Each step is a torment: A man suffers from pain in muscle – the cause is located in his lung

Each step is a torment: A man suffers from pain in muscle – the cause is located in his lung

For weeks a man is suffering from increasing pain in the thighs, calves, and heels. While Running, he puts the feet in front of pain just be careful and staksig. All of the previous investigations have not brought the cause to light – until he eventually comes in the practice of an internist. The Internal medicine specialist checked the Fußpuls, the muscle self-reflexes, and the size of the lymph nodes, but discovered nothing Suspicious. Only the CRP value in the blood is elevated, which indicates inflammation in the body. The pain seems to be coming from the muscles, and this can be a Symptom of many diseases.

The Internist examines the heart, makes an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and x-rays, ultimately, the lungs, where he discovered the cause of the muscle pain.

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