Eco-friendly paper from pineapple waste

Eco-friendly paper from pineapple waste

The production of paper affects the environment, because there are countless trees have to be felled, and a high use of water, energy and chemicals is needed. Students of the Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH) have found an environmentally friendly Alternative: waste from the pineapple plant.

The young researchers named their project Musa Fibra, developed at the LUH a chemical process to extract cellulose from pineapple leaves. The cellulose can then be used for example for the paper production. Chlorine-containing substances, which are used in conventional paper production to bleach, is deliberately omitted. In addition, the water consumption is kept as low as possible. The process should go in soon in a pilot plant in Costa Rica in the production. The obtained pulp wants to market the Musa-Fibra-Team, among other things, in lower Saxony, Germany.

Their Vision is that no tree to be used for the manufacture of paper, like. Currently about every fifth tree for paper production is like. On the Pineapple plantations in Costa Rica – the world market leader in the international pineapple trade – a week of up to 300 tons of Plant residues. The thick pineapple leaves are hard to compostable and must be plowed labor-intensive, under, or burned with chemicals to dehydration are treated. This could now be brought to an end.


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