Every third newborn baby girl is 100 years old

Every third newborn baby girl is 100 years old

If today someone is 100 years old, often the mayor, to Congratulate you. In the future, you will need to do that hire someone. According to a calculation of the Max-Planck-Institute for demographic research in Rostock, more than every third girl born in this year is his 100. Birthday parties. The Numbers are the editors ‘ network of Germany.

Thus, 77 percent of newborn girls be your 90. Birthday. Your 80. Birthday experience even 92 percent. The average life expectancy of newborn women, the Rostock researchers with 94.8 years. “A the age of 90 is normal, in the future,” says Dmitri Jdanov, the responsible scientist at the Max-Planck-Institute.

Men will be in the future old, on average, about 88,6 years

Of the newly born boys more than one in Ten (11 per cent) is allowed on the Experience of the 100. Birth day hope. 59 percent of this year’s newborn baby boy, your 90. Birthday, reach, 84 per cent of the 80. Their average life expectancy, the Max-Planck-Institute 88.6 years.

The researchers based their calculations on projections of the UN. These imply that the current progress in life expectancy will continue to persist. Whether the values are reached at the end really is, therefore, uncertain. An important role will play according to the researchers, the Smoking – and drinking behaviour in the next decades will develop.

Overall, the researchers are sure, however, that life expectancy will rise, even for older generations:

  • Thus, according to the forecasts, 81 percent of today’s 50-year-old women in their 80’s. Birthday parties. Of the men of the same age that create 70 percent.
  • Every Second of today’s 50-year-old women is at least 90 years old, 12 percent of at least 100.
  • The 50-year-old men may one-third (36 percent) to the achievement of the 90. Birth day hope. The 100. Special day experience, according to the forecast three percent of today’s 50-year-old men.

That women on average live significantly longer than men, is known for a Long time. Some of the differences genetically explain. Thus, chromosome-associated processes, for example, with the X-girls have a stronger immune system and your child is more likely to survive. Also, the circumstances of life play a role. Men are more likely to have risky Jobs and are affected more often of accidents. Men and women suffer from the same diseases, get men in addition, in General, later help. (Read more here).

The increasing life expectancy in Germany is the health and pension system challenges. Who lives longer, is also no longer sick. According to a Lancet study, based on a different data basis as the latest analysis of the Max-Planck-Institute, had people who were born in 2013, for example, a life expectancy of 80.7 years. Healthy you are but only 68.8 years. (Read more about it here.) Due to the increasing life expectancy, the average duration of Pension payments is rising. In the year 2017, each of the retirees got almost 20 years of retirement, in 1997 there were only just under 16 years.