How can Stress-avoid eating?

How can Stress-avoid eating?

Due to the ongoing Corona-pandemic, everyday life are the routines of most of the people on the head. In order to compensate for Stress, succumbs to some temptation, to go in the Home Office more frequently in the kitchen and search for Food. The nutritionist Elisabeth Moore from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center gives some tips on how to avoid the best.

To not eat with Stress overly much, is recommended Moore to have no seductive sweet and salty food in the house, not unnecessarily in the kitchen to stop and have a "Hungercheck" to make before accessing: "Before you can open a bag of Chips or a box of cookies, take a break and think about whether you are actually hungry." Stomach growling, the lack of energy or headaches are signs of real Hunger. If you have signs instead appetite without real Hunger, you need may be just a distraction or reassurance, go also through activities such as walking, calling friends, Gymnastics-Exercises or Meditation can.

What Snacks für in the meantime?

Between meals are not quite reasonable so that you eat later during the main meals hot hungry large portions. This fiber-rich foods are suitable, which contain little fat, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts or homemade Popcorn. Helpful could be to buy individual servings of food, for example, small bags of nuts instead of a single large amount. Moore warns, however, against supposedly healthy Snacks such as fat and low-salt potato chips: "Although these Snacks contain less fat and salt than regular Chips, they are just made of fiber-poor carbohydrates that feed the Hunger of barely." Instead, they drive the blood sugar into the level, and after a short time it comes back to a feeling of Hunger.


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