If your rash has the same cause as the weight loss

If your rash has the same cause as the weight loss

The 44-Year-old has been suffering for a month, to abdominal pain, as you would imagine in a hospital in the U.S. city of Philadelphia. Before this Symptom appeared, she had pain for a week fever, sore throat, body. In addition, she has a rash that covers areas on the hand.

The Doctors give you reports of your an antibiotic, as in the “ACG Case Reports Journal”. However, the abdominal pain will only get stronger, the woman is evil, she does not want to eat. A blood test shows abnormal liver enzymes. In the case of a ultrasound of the abdominal cavity lymph nodes in the vicinity of the liver and pancreas appear swollen. A magnetic resonance tomography of the abdominal cavity brings no additional insights.

The stomach is paralyzed, the liver is inflamed

A further Test shows that the emptying of the stomach is disturbed in the patient, it has a so-called stomach paralysis. In addition, the Doctors discover inflamed areas in the lower area of the esophagus. The woman, however, not by the bacteria Helicobacter pylori caused gastric inflammation, as in these cases, often. A Test for the pathogen is negative. The Doctors can also exclude Hepatitis B, HIV, and certain auto-immune diseases by appropriate investigations.

However, her liver is inflamed and in the bile accumulates in the Organ. Parts of the liver are scarred, and the doctors at a liver biopsy.

The Doctors suspect an autoimmune Hepatitis and prescribe the woman is an agent which the immune system is suppressed. In addition, you will receive a medicine against the inflammation of the bile ducts. But both brings no improvement.

Chest pain, fever, swollen lymph nodes

Another clinic, another case: A 26-Year-old addiction because of a persistent dry cough, chest pain, and fever, seek medical help. He explained to the Doctors in the Brazilian city of Recife that he had taken in the past year, ten pounds, without it. The doctors feel several swollen lymph nodes in the left armpit and the groin area, report in “Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical”.

In the case of a blood test, the cell count is normal, the liver values are not in order, and the kidneys seem to be working well. A computer tomography confirmed the swelling of multiple lymph nodes. This could be due to a Tumor. In order to clarify this, refer to cave to the Doctors the swollen nodes from the left armpit. More detailed studies of the tissue show that A Tumor it is not.

The Doctors will test the man now on several infectious diseases: HIV, toxoplasmosis, Hepatitis viruses, cytomegalo viruses. To focus on the negative.

The life-saving diagnosis

To test patients for Syphilis. In fact, they show that the Syphilis pathogen Treponema pallidum. The Doctors inject the man now for several weeks, as an antibiotic. Two months later, he has recovered. The lymph nodes are again shrunk to normal size.

The 44-year-old patient in the United States will receive the diagnosis two weeks after your liver biopsy, as he visits a gynecologist due to vaginal discomfort. Also, here is a indicates with a led Test Treponema pallidum. After several weeks of antibiotic treatment, the abdominal pain can disappear, the liver values of the woman swinging back in the normal range. The first Antibiotics in the hospital was obviously not sufficient to kill off pathogens.

The disease progresses in several stages

Syphilis is usually transmitted during Sex, the disease progresses in several stages. The first symptoms usually appear two to three weeks later, and can be quite inconspicuous – on the mouth or the sexual organs of a non-painful ulcer, the healing and self-forming. In addition, lymph nodes can swell.

Four to ten weeks after infection, patients can get a fever as well as headache, joint or muscle pain, writes the Robert Koch Institute. Usually the Patients get a skin rash, and flat nodules form in skin folds. This also often goes without the treatment of the self in the past.

In the third stage, which can occur without treatment for several years after infection, damages the pathogen in the worst case, vessels and internal organs. Possible consequences, among other things, psychosis, or dementia.

Syphilis with antibiotics, especially penicillin, to treat.