Lung doctor warns: E-cigarettes are harmful to health

Lung doctor warns: E-cigarettes are harmful to health

In the face of deadly lung disease in E-cigarette smokers in the United States will also be discussed in this country about the opportunities and risks of the products. E-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, said Heino Stöver, Director of the Institute for addiction research at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, on the edge of an E-cigarette-Congress in Frankfurt. Vaping could help wean people from Smoking. The steamer keep familiar rituals of Smoking, lower the health damage significantly. The resistance of the German society for pneumology and respiratory medicine (DGP) speaks: Who is a transfer from the conventional tobacco cigarette on the E cigarette, merely replaces one Addiction with another, she says in a statement.

Stöver complained, the Transition to less harmful E-cigarette is not sufficiently supported by the policy. The switch from Smoking to Vaping should be promoted, for example through a significant increase in the tobacco tax. He also called for a – in other EU countries end-to-end – prohibition of advertising for tobacco products.

Sales of E-cigarettes decreased significantly

The reports from the US seem to have unsettled consumers in this country. Sales of E-cigarettes in Germany has recently decreased significantly. “More than half of the dealers have sales declines of 30 to 40 per cent, almost a fifth even more than 50 percent,” said the head of the industry Association, the Alliance for tobacco-free enjoyment, Dustin Dahlman, the “world”. Dahlmann relies for its information on a survey of more than 600 companies that sell E-cigarettes.

The head of the industry Association, said that in Germany traded liquids that are vaporized in E-cigarettes, are not to compare with the US products. E-cigarettes are regulated in Europe strictly.

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