Many of the teachers are just thrown into the cold water

Many of the teachers are just thrown into the cold water

Because of the corona crisis, the schools in Germany were closed. Millions of students are sitting home now and out of the distance, as best one can, through the fabric – with the help of their teachers, but only with the help of their parents. As well, the German schools are well-equipped for such an exceptional situation? How good are the digital methods are developed, teachers and students to bring together? And the corona can provide crisis indeed, for a digital boost to Germany’s schools?


If children go home in the school – should parents pay attention to

It speaks to science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar in “We and Corona”, the daily Podcast of stern and RTL. He sees the Chance that a lot of the digital technology were previously skeptical, could now be taken. “Many teachers are just thrown into the cold water,” he says. However, the time is now, to criticize a former anti-Technology attitude of many educators. “We are not in the time of the snobbery,” says Yogeshwar. “We also need to support, which are perhaps not so fit, easy.”

The Journalist warns, however, about to embrace the digital technology in the current plight is not critical. “We should not have the sensitivity to need this crisis to open doors for this to make state Surveillance or the Gathering of movement data presentable. It is important, fire protection walls to collect,” says Yogeshwar.

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