Measles outbreak in Munich: Not immune, guests of this McDonald’s branch is in danger

Measles outbreak in Munich: Not immune, guests of this McDonald’s branch is in danger

After the outbreak of measles in Munich, the Department of health and environment in the Bavarian capital, guests at a McDonald’s branch, to notify the authority.

Background the disease of a Person. This was on Monday, 4. March, and on Wednesday, the 6. March, between 11 and 19 at the McDonald’s Restaurant in the Wasserburger Landstrasse 52 in Munich-Trudering . After the starinformation is the infected Person to an employee of the fast food chain.

Measles can be fatal

Guests in the corresponding period of the quick-service restaurant visits, and neither vaccinated against measles are still the disease have been through, could to the office, now even measles are diagnosed.

The relevant non-immune individuals will be invited, under the telephone number (089) 23347809 to report to you about the risks, inform. In addition, measles is a notifiable disease.

The symptoms of virus infection are the throat, according to the Federal centre for health education, high fever, cough and runny nose as well as inflammation in the nose area and the eye conjunctiva. After a few days, a rash that begins on the face and behind the ears and then all over the body spreading. The rash goes hand in hand with a renewed fever rise and return after three to four days. This can lead to a flaking of the skin. As the disease, the immune system is weakened, can be accompanied by further complications with the outbreak, for example, a brain inflammation. It can be fatal or severe disabilities. After several years, a progressive can cause inflammation of the brain and nervous system. You will be lethal.

Opponents refuted

In the past year, to the competent Robert-Koch-Institute, 543 measles cases in Germany were reported, the fifth-lowest value since the beginning of the reporting requirement in 2001.

Recently, the German society for child and adolescent medicine called for a vaccination against the dangerous disease. The so-called Impfgegnern led the alleged Argument, the appropriate vaccination could cause autism arise, be settled by studies. “The higher the vaccination rate, the safer life is, especially for the Smallest among us,” the company said in a statement.

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