Movies help people with attachment problems

Movies help people with attachment problems

People who have difficulties with relationships, not escape through movies and TV shows, only temporarily from the reality, but they also feel stronger in the plot of the movies involved. Often you feel a strong connection to the fictional characters and think about how you would conduct yourself in their Situation.

“The stories in the film offer some people a safe space to deal with relationship problems in your life auseinanderzusetzen", Nathan Silver of Ohio State University said. For people with relationship difficulties, the movies and TV shows could be a way to understand their problems or to fulfil on behalf of their needs for intimacy in a way you are in real life difficult.

Thus, the bond deal with the problems of a people: the avoidance, or fear. People with an avoidant binding type tend not to be their partners emotionally very close. People with a fearful binding type need the constant reassurance and security that your Partner will take care of you.

It showed that people with an avoidant binding type employees less with the stories in movies and TV series, and the characters not as strongly associated felt. Those with a fearful bond, a felt stronger in the stories, so Silver. Particularly interesting are the people, whose binding type is both avoiding as well as anxious: &quot be;These are the classic self-saboteurs. You want the supportive intimacy, but tend to screw up, because you haben&quot at the same time behavior of avoidance;, Silver says. Such persons were particularly strong with acts from the world of Film and television. For the study 1.039 adult Americans were interviewed.