Outdated and useless: The time change will lose their advocates

Outdated and useless: The time change will lose their advocates

Less and less people in Germany, keep the time change, useful and timely – this is the result of a representative Forsa survey commissioned by the DAK health. Thereafter, the share of supporters is now only 18 percent. This is the lowest value since years. Since 2013, the consent of the former, 29 percent has fallen by eleven percentage points. More than three-quarters of respondents (2013: 69 per cent, 2019: 78 percent) are of the opinion that daylight savings time should be abolished. In an EU-wide survey, around 84 percent were in the summer of 2018 for the end of the time changeover.

In the EU Parliament, the abolition of the time conversion could take place on the Tuesday, a further hurdle. This coming Sunday, then at night, the watches of the two will be presented at three PM: From then on, the summer is valid in all the countries of Europe. The European Union is discussing the abolition of the time change in the coming years.

EU Commission will discuss it at the time of conversion

A quarter of the respondents report to have problems in the course of the time change. The most felt of them (71 percent), limp and tired. In the second place, problems and sleep disorders, among which women suffer most frequently: 70 percent of female respondents say the come with 63 percent of Sleep, compared to 53 percent of men. 36 per cent were able to concentrate due to the rotation of the at worse, a third (32 per cent) felt irritated. Ten percent reported to have depressive moods suffered.

At the end of the time changeover

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This Tuesday, the deputies of the EU Parliament agree on a common line for the upcoming negotiations with the member States. Thus, the search for a compromise can begin, but also the EU Ministers of transport to a point of view. Finally, you had proposed an end to the time change already in the year 2019, as the EU-Commission – rejected and more time is required.

When can be implemented to abolish?

The competent transport Committee of the EU Parliament, it is also for a less ambitious time schedule, and calls for the abolition of the semi-annual changeover to the year 2021. In addition, the Committee proposes a “coordination mechanism”, in which representatives of the Commission and the member States should sit. To avoid a patchwork of different regulations.

How the Parliament as a whole is positioned, it is currently unclear, because in some countries, there are reservations about the abolition of the time change. However, the Green light from Strasbourg seems likely. With a final agreement between the Parliament and the member States is, however, not expected before the autumn of 2019.

The debate about a possible end to the time change initiated last summer, the EU-Commission. It proposed an end to the Back and Hers for 2019 and was in direct response to an EU-wide survey conducted with huge participation. In it, 84 percent of the 4.6 million participants argued for the abolition of the time change. From Germany alone, around 3 million people took part in the survey.