Pregnancy and Corona: Expectant mothers don’t seem to belong to the risk group to

Pregnancy and Corona: Expectant mothers don’t seem to belong to the risk group to

A new type of Virus that spreads rapidly, often runs a mild, but serious complications cause: the currently circulating Coronavirus, Sars-CoV-2, there is not much to report on Positive – with a few exceptions. Including: Expectant mothers don’t seem to include the high-risk group for heavy trends. “At the present time, there is no indication that Pregnant women are due to the novel Coronavirus more vulnerable than the General population. It is expected that the vast majority of pregnant women having only mild or moderate symptoms similar to a cold or flu. More serious symptoms such as inflammation of the lungs seem to be for older people, people with a weakened immune system or long-term diseases to be more common”, it says in a statement, which was signed by three medical societies, including the Association of women doctors, and the German society for gynecology and obstetrics.

Disease in children

Children’s doctor, day care center and quarantine: you need to know parents in the Coronavirus

In the Text 17 pressing questions about Coronavirus and pregnancy are answered. With one of the most important is likely to be whether and how the Virus could affect the health of the unborn child. Also here, the experts give the all-clear: “There is no evidence of an increased risk for miscarriages. There is also no evidence that the Virus can be transmitted during pregnancy to the Baby.” Internationally, there were 20 cases of women infected during pregnancy with the Virus. All cases were in China. “In any case, a Newborn was infected. There are no abnormalities in the mother and child were reported.”

Coronavirus: Hygiene is the key

Pregnant women should, however, pay meticulous attention to Hygiene – as it is, in principle, all people are advised, regardless of whether risk group or not. Includes: regular, thorough washing of hands and distance to other people comply with. Especially if they have a fever or symptoms of a cold disease show.

But how it looks with prenatal appointments at the gynecologist, if Pregnant women are in quarantine or when you suspect infection or have been confirmed? To go easy in practice, should be avoided at all costs – so unnecessarily, many people will be exposed to the risk of infection. The professional societies advise instead: “you should contact your gynecologist or your gynecologist, in order to inform him that they are currently in self-isolation for a possible or confirmed Coronavirus infection. It is likely that routine will hesitate to moderate prenatal appointments without harm to you or your child until the time when the Isolation ends.” In justified exceptional cases, the practice could take action so that the date can be perceived.

Birth and Breastfeeding

The date of the birth is getting closer, should get women thinking about how and where they deliver to. In the case of a confirmed infection, the experts advise against a home birth and a birth in the birth house, if there are only midwives present: “As a precautionary measure, pregnant women are recommended with suspected or confirmed Coronavirus infection in labor, the birth of a clinic visit, the Baby is continuously monitored electronically, and the oxygen content can be hourly will be tested.”

A vaginal birth is possible in principle, the Emperor is not cut, according to current knowledge, per se, safer, – stated in the message. A respiratory disease can be a reason for a caesarean birth, depending on the Severity of the symptoms. Also, Breastfeeding is not prohibited: “Currently, there is no evidence that the Virus can be transmitted via breast milk. Therefore, it is assumed that the recognized benefits of breastfeeding outweigh the potential risks of Transmission of Coronavirus.”

The experts emphasize, however, that it constitutes the first, preliminary findings. Recommendations may change at any time, if the Knowledge about the new Virus to evolve.

Source: “FAQ for pregnant women and their families to the risks specific to the COVID-19 virus infection”

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