Risks of the new smoke: How harmful are E-cigarettes?

Risks of the new smoke: How harmful are E-cigarettes?

They look good. Cool. Technically. Smart somehow. E-cigarettes promise of easy pleasure without serious consequences, such as lung cancer. Because instead of burning tobacco, a process in which numerous carcinogenic substances, is heated in the case of the new cigarette tobacco only (Tobacco Heating System, THS), or a liquid containing different substances is evaporated (E-cigarette). However, since in the USA, nearly 1500 users of such evaporator severe lung developed complaints, the manufacturer is under pressure. The predominantly young users suffered from shortness of breath, cough and chest pain, often Nausea, diarrhea or fever. 33 people died.

Apparently, the acute lung were triggered by damage due to one or more inhaled toxic substances, such as the American Mayo has found out the clinic in a first smaller study. The U.S. FDA is currently examining samples from the E-cigarettes Affected. On the list of suspect substances and the active ingredient of marijuana, and 78 percent of those Affected have consumed about THC, the psycho. In States like Colorado, where Cannabis is legalized, are THC-containing Liquids available.

In view of the events, the States of Massachusetts, Michigan and New York have banned the sale of E-cigarettes to completely or severely restricted. The US government is planning a similar scheme for the Rest of the country. India also stopped the sale and production of the evaporator, after it had warned of an epidemic among young people.

Are also at risk users in Germany?

Basically, E-cigarettes are regulated in Germany than in the United States. Accessories such as THC, for example, are banned, the nicotine content is limited to a maximum of 20 milligrams per Milliliter, of the sale to children and young people prohibited. So far, no similar cases in Europe are known. To completely rule out risks, however.

Who used the trend products?

Especially young people try E-cigarettes like 2.4 percent of the over 16-Year-old, you inhale on a regular basis. The most frequent motive: you are a smoker and want to reduce their tobacco consumption or stop.