Run the cells, keeps you young

Run the cells, keeps you young

Cardiologists from the Leipzig show in a recent study, endurance training such as Running, Cycling or Swimming, decreases the cellular aging. For pure strength Training, this effect was not observed.

On the basis of blood cells, the researchers of the University hospital of Leipzig were able to show that endurance training influenced important regulators of cellular aging conveniently, the telomerase activity and the telomere length. Both are considered to be important indicators of the aging process of the cells and their ability to regenerate the telomeres shorten with each cell division, their length is less information on the age and the health of the cells of the body. "In the case of strength training, however, this was not the Fall", study leader Prof. Ulrich Laufs said.

In this first study, 266, on average, about 50-year-old healthy participants studied without previous sport experience. They completed a precisely dosed, controlled and monitored Training for over six months, three times 45 minutes per week. Before and after the study were carried out stress tests and Blood samples for Isolation of cells from the blood.

"Our results show that, through targeted Training, a clear positive Preventive effects kann&quot be achieved;, so run. "To our patients, we can only advise so in the future, on the Basis of these results, with a view to the health of your heart is clear: strength training can be a complement to the endurance training, but not a replacement."