Slimming: Seven mistakes that make many at dinner

Slimming: Seven mistakes that make many at dinner

A healthy dinner is just like Breakfast and lunch, an important part of a balanced diet. Who chooses his last meal of the day clever, you can save calories and fat burning.

You want to get rid of annoying extra pounds, you should make the dinner better not be. However, many slimming do agree, however, typical error, treat yourself in the evening, about two glasses of wine or a Serving of Tiramisu.

The following seven mistakes you should avoid in addition to at dinner.

1. The dinner is your largest meal

Dinner is usually hearty and lush? This is not a good strategy to have fat to get rid of. You take your largest meal of the day better in the morning or at noon – so you prevent food cravings in the evening.

An American study with 80 women has also shown that a sumptuous lunch is less on the hips than a large meal in the evening.

The researchers have an explanation for this: you Eat earlier in the day, there is a hormone conversion. This causes you to feel satiated faster and eat less.

2. You don’t plan your meal

Who comes hungry from work to home, often not in the mood to cook an elaborate dish. The likelihood that you will engage in the Moment to Fast Food or candy, is then high.

The solution: Plan your meals in advance. The best prepare dinner on the previous day – on the way you will save time and calories.

3. Treat yourself to a Dessert

In a diet, you may and to allow for something Sweet, no question. However, you should not eat Tiramisu, chocolate and co. in the evening.

The included sugars leads in the body to a rapid increase in blood sugar levels, which falls in the night dramatically. In the consequence you sleep, feel restless and the next Morning, tired and listless.

Our tip: do you notice the waiver of the sweet Dessert difficult, access to a small piece of dark chocolate. The dark variety is – in moderation – is not only healthier, but also figure-friendly than, for example, milk chocolate.

4. You drink alcohol to eat

You can drink at dinner, like a glass of wine or a beer? This should not be a habit, if you want to lose weight.

Alcohol inhibits namely the burning of fat and difficult to Remove. In addition, alcoholic beverages apply, and not without reason, as a thick-maker, beat you with plenty of calories.

5. You take caffeine to

Whether it’s coffee, green tea, Cola or Energy Drinks: caffeine containing beverages stimulate the Central nervous system, the attention is increased and fatigue is suppressed.

In addition, caffeine affects the function of the hormone adenosine, which regulates the day-night-rhythm. Therefore, you should avoid the pick-me-up in the evening better.

6. You eat late in the evening

You eat your last meal of the day shortly before bedtime, this can cause a high blood sugar level.

To the late time of the day, the body can process this, however. With time, it can cause increased fat accumulation and metabolic disorders.

To help your body work, you should eat no later than three hours before the night’s sleep at night.

7. You don’t take the time to eat

In everyday life stress, many people eat in front of the PC or TV tend to be. This is during a diet, however, is not a good idea.

You are distracted namely, hitting you in the meal may be over-the-top. You prefer to take the time for dinner, and chewing each bite deliberately!

Julia Are