Study confirms: drugs to prevent Transmission of HIV even with unprotected Sex

Study confirms: drugs to prevent Transmission of HIV even with unprotected Sex

A large-scale study with gay couples shows that taking certain HIV medications can prevent the Transmission of the Virus to sexual partners.

As scientists led by Alison Rodger from University College London reports in The journal “The Lancet”, were accompanied to the study, about 780 gay couples from 14 European countries, each with an HIV-infected Partner in the Mediterranean for two years. Throughout the period, none of the non – infected Partner have become infected at the time of his life companions- in spite of unprotected sexual intercourse.

The HIV-infected Partner was treated with antiretroviral drugs, the Virus to very low levels in the body. The results of the study confirm the assumption of many experts that the “not detectable also not transferable” mean, was it from the journal. Other studies with heterosexual or homosexual couples had previously supplied similar data.

Stigma and discrimination of HIV-Positive

The UN program Unaids welcomed the new findings as “great news”.

Aids Pathogen

After stem cell transplant: World’s second HIV Patient is virus-free

“With HIV people living confirmation that you regular medication provided intake and a low viral load is not infectious have now,” said Unaids chief Michel Sidibé. This will improve your self-esteem and self-confidence.

“This is a strong message can help to end the HIV pandemic by preventing the Transmission of HIV and the Stigma and discrimination many people living with HIV fight”, is also convinced Rodger. The risk of infection for homosexuals is equal to Zero, as long as the HIV-infected sex partners, engaging consistently the appropriate medication and the viral load in the body was in consequence very low.

An estimated 11,000 people in Germany don’t know that you have Aids

A large part of all HIV Transmissions goes back to Unaids, however, on the Phase in which people have just plugged himself, but it is still unaware of their infection know. Your viral load is in the absence of appropriate therapy is high, and the risk of the pathogen to pass, therefore, comparatively large. In Germany, 11,000 people knowledge, according to estimates by the competent Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) in 2017, well unaware of their HIV infection.

Unaids hopes that the results will bring more people to leave as early as possible to test and to begin, if appropriate, a therapy. The target must also be in the world, to enable all HIV-positive people with access to testing and effective treatment, to emphasize the UN programme of study and the authors alike.

About 2700 new HIV infections in 2017

The abbreviation HIV stands for the Human immunodeficiency Virus. The pathogen is usually transmitted during Sex. If left untreated, leads to an infection to an increasing damage to the body’s own defense system and subsequently, often to the death. With medication, the development of the immune deficiency disease Aids is today, but stop.

In Germany, some 86,000 people were living with HIV according to RKI data by the end of 2017. The number of new infections in the year 2017 was estimated to be about 2700.