Ten Corona-rates, the need to please disappear very quickly

Ten Corona-rates, the need to please disappear very quickly

The situation seems to improve. People are back on the road, children are not allowed in the daycare center, schools, slowly open your doors. The hope is great that we have survived the worst of it. The economic impact of the Corona pandemic will be felt in Germany, however, still very long.

Will remain, unfortunately, a couple of sentences that I can’t get out of my head. They have milled in my brain like a catchy tune. But, unfortunately, the song is not very good. Too often they have been parroting. Rarely were questioned.

Here is my Top Ten of the terrible Corona sets that I need to write to me from the soul. Maybe it’s over:

For more than 30 years, Frank schmiechen is a Journalist. Among other things, he was Deputy editor-in-chief of the “world” and editor-in-chief of the “startup scene”. Today, he advises government and industry on all matters of communication. Schmiechen loves pop music and football.

1. “We are just at the beginning of the pandemic.”

With these words, the science journalist Mai Thi Nguyen warned us, for example, Kim, on 24. April in TV-Talk by Maybritt Illner. But what is it actually? Countless others used this phrase to explain what you mean by that. For example, our Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) on 21. April and again on 27. May, as the Numbers of new infections are among were already in the descent. So where do we stand currently? Still at the beginning? In the middle? At the beginning of the end? In the past few days, this nebulous formulation was used much less frequently. We are perhaps already at the end of the end? Or are we just at the beginning of a new Beginning?

2. “The mask creates a sense of false security.”

So similarly, as the ARD”issues of the day”commentator Oliver Jarasch put it. He criticized the mask of duty, because it did not suggest a safety, “which is”. Yes, thank you for the friendly note, Mr. Jarasch. Kiss with a mask is not going anyway. Even if it weighs incorrectly in safety.


The Corona App is coming too late – but this is exactly the right way

Many Germans have by the way put on masks, as the Chairman of the world medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, claimed on television that Asians would wear the mouth-nose protection only out of vanity, because pale skin is in line with their ideal of beauty. Maybe you wear the mask but also because it prevents you sneeze, its droplets freely in the area. Quite simple. And completely free of any false sense of security.

3. “Anyone who has a dissenting opinion, is not equal to conspiracy theorist.”

What is because your “different opinion”? Please, come once to the point, love, opinion dissenters. Then you could discuss in concrete terms. So it remains, unfortunately, the cloudy Geschwurbel, you could easily be confused with conspiracy theory. Everyone can say out loud his opinion. Everyone should, however, expect that nonsense is then referred to as nonsense.

4. “The science is learning something new every day.”

Never in the history of Germany there were so many science theorists as it is today. You meet them at the ice cream shop, playgrounds, everywhere. Everyone seems to know what we can do with science and what is not. Please let us finally get this spell to forget, and the researchers do their Job.

5. “A whole Generation is traumatized.”

The Professor for business management, organization and human resources, Ruth Stock-Homburg: “lasts for says, for example, the longer The Phase, the greater the risk that a whole Generation of psychologically traumatized will.” It is, perhaps, a number of small? Ask my parents, who have experienced their Childhood in Nazi Germany and in world war II. The standards right now perhaps.

7. “Why are they allowed to play the players?”

Because you have made a Plan. And because many others had absolutely no Plan. To complain, of course, is much easier to organize and develop a few ideas.

8. “We are a nation of command receivers.”

We are “on the way to the era of total medicine,” says the Journalist Jakob Augstein. “We are all part of an Apocalypse industry,” says Journalist Gabor Steingart. “We are a nation of command receivers and informers,” says the former editor-in-chief of the “Colorful”, Patricia Riekel. Why you need to be exaggerated personal Fears and Worries to such a monstrous socio-political pseudo-analysis? No one I know of is uncritical or unaware of the drastic Corona actions. The most responsive but it a measured and differentiated. In contrast to my above quote fellow journalists.

9. “A few weeks ago no one could have imagined that… “

Well, that’s life. Firstly it comes differently, secondly, than you think. This type of platitudes, there are countless others. How about: “In times of Corona…”. “We see our company for the crisis is well prepared…”. “No one knows whether a second wave is coming…”. “In the Corona-crisis is also an opportunity for is…”. “We enjoy the best the slowing down…”. “Dr. Drosten has said that…”. “To normality before the crisis, we must not again…”. Grace. Back please let me at least in the times prior to these phrases!

10. “We have it completely under control.”

Donald Trump, President of the United States, on 22. January in the CNBC Interview from Davos, Switzerland.

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