The County calls because of the measles outbreak a state of emergency

The County calls because of the measles outbreak a state of emergency

In the face of a measles outbreak in a district in the US has declared a-state of New York the state of emergency and radical measures are taken. Of the approximately 40 kilometers North of the city of New York, located district of Rockland County, had on Tuesday, that minors who are not vaccinated against the disease, are not permitted in the next 30 days in public places.

Is defined this as the area where “more than ten people” together. This also includes the use of public transport.

“We must do everything in our Power to put an end to this outbreak,” said County administrator Ed Day. In addition, people need to be protected, which could not be vaccinated for medical reasons against measles and children who were too young for vaccination.

District administrator Ed Day at a press conference in his office in New City

In several regions of the US, it is the measles recent outbreaks come. The authorities make the resistance of Impfgegnern responsible. In the district of Rockland County, with its 300,000 residents have been registered since October of 153 cases of measles. Actually, the disease had been declared in the year 2000 for eradicated.

Despite large vaccination campaigns, 27 percent of people between the ages of one year and 18 years, according to district administrator Day still not been vaccinated. Particularly high is the proportion of non-vaccinated people in the areas where many Orthodox Jews live. Many Orthodox Jews oppose vaccinations for religious reasons.

Also in Germany is currently being discussed again amplified by a measles-vaccination. Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn had said on Tuesday he was in favour of mandatory measles vaccination for children in day-care centres and schools. It was an intervention in the freedom, but the awareness campaigns in the past few years have not borne fruit as expected (more on this, what moves opponents, you can find here).

The coalition partner SPD is in favour of a measles-vaccination compulsory. “I reckon that we will get a proposal,” said group Vice Karl Lauterbach. Implementation was not easy, since the “Constitution is, legally speaking, is no safe measure”. It is but a “last resort”.

The Robert Koch Institute were submitted to 2018 data from 543 measles cases. Since the beginning of this year were registered in lower Saxony numerous diseases.

The world health organization (WHO) had reported in January that 2017 was an increase in the number of measles cases worldwide by 30 percent compared to the previous year. Came to a rise, it is therefore least of all in the WHO Region of Europe in 2017 to be there, ill 23.927 people – in 2016 there were 5273. Measles are highly contagious and can lead to potentially fatal brain inflammation.