The System discriminates against those in need of Protection: Economic pressure undermines the ethics of medicine

The System discriminates against those in need of Protection: Economic pressure undermines the ethics of medicine

An older man wanders in the night confused by the streets and is brought from the ambulance service in the emergency room. This happens daily hundreds of times. Old people forget to drink often, which can lead to Confusion. Before, when hospitals were paid according to the days of Stay, the medical approach is simple: a Stationary record, with liquid supply. The next Morning, the patient asked, amazed, as they were here.

Since the year 2003 is paid on a per-case fee, which varies according to the main diagnosis. Now, such patients are a Problem: The funds could refuse to cover the costs, because no disease exists – or, at least, discounts are asking, if the stay is below the “lower Limit of length of stay” is located. If the Patient is not really appropriate, take days and days, until the doctors on the ward have carried information: family doctor, medications, diseases, relatives, in-home care. A lot of time and effort that is not paid for. The young colleagues, the record of such patients, tell me that you will get in Trouble with your attendings. Of course, you can resort to Tricks: The Patient expects, and if you missed him the diagnosis of “Acute renal failure” and a blood wash performs. Also, this happens.

The package system is built on a mutual distrust of all parties Involved. Funds fraud the clinics, and the rescue, by optimizing diagnosis and treatment”,” a tightrope on the border of the fraud. The losers are those in need of special Protection, children, elderly, and chronically ill patients. The economic pressure undermines the ethics of medicine. I fought against this from the start.

Proponents argue that the System is functioning but also in Australia, where it was invented. You fail to mention that it is not used for the remuneration, but for the Controlling and distribution of hospital budgets. In Australia namely may make you sick houses deficits, without that staff will be reduced, or equal to, the Bankruptcy threatens. Therefore, you would record an old, confused man without any discussion stationary.

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