These are the worst things to hear in a star-reader from the Doctors

These are the worst things to hear in a star-reader from the Doctors

In confidential conversations with the doctor, and this applies to the patient is not always the right tone. What can go all wrong, has a very successful and much-discussed Reddit Thread shows shown in the last few days. Thousands of Users shared their most negative experiences have been made with Doctors. Specifically, it was about “bad things” that had to listen to patients by medical professionals.

What have experienced Reddit User, read here.

As we the article with Reddit-confessions on the Facebook page of the star posted have gathered below in a few hours, with hundreds of comments. star readers have also shared their Negative experiences with medical professionals. A selection of the worst things, the star-reader by medical professionals to listen to, had to, we show here.

“Get your friend in bed?”

A user reported that a gynecologist in your inflamed cesarean section rumdrückte. As you aufstöhnte therefore, due to pain, she got the naughty question “to Ask your boyfriend in bed?” to hear from the Doctor. Two days later, they had to be actually operated on again on caesarean section.

What can happen if physicians the problems of their patients do not take it seriously, and reported a star-reader. She writes that she was gone at the age of 19 because of a left-sided facial paralysis to the doctor. However, there is no MRI or the like have been made. Instead, she was with the words, “Do you have many Piercings from the face, then you have been symptoms not paralysis” home sent. As the user reported, had been diagnosed with her 13 years later is a chronic brain disease. Also, the paralysis over ten years ago was a result of it.

If patients are pushing Doctors to treatments and right

A particularly drastic case, another user describes in a few words. She went with her father, who was faster than usual, out of breath, to the doctor. In the opinion of the doctor, the man was fit. The persistent daughter insisted on a lung function test. The result: end-stage lung cancer.

Sometimes Users post very short and yet very bad experience. So reminiscent of a star-reader to a visit to the pediatrician. This gave her the following sentence: “So slow it is then time to grow in the height and not the width.”

A non-Smoking experienced, according to its own representation of something very strange. So to have a physician in his doctor’s visitor said that he should not smoke so much. The doctor had a box of cigarettes on his table.

“Well, you’re not just an elf!”

If you scan the Facebook comments, it is quickly obvious that the most frequently obese people are stigmatized. A woman with herniated disc got to hear, for example, that it is “not just an elf”.

Another user reported that they had been dismissed in an emergency room – because of their weight. You have said to her: “With the weight, I don’t treat you!”

Also when it comes to the age – for many people anyway a sensitive issue – don’t seem to have all the Doctors with the necessary finesse. A Facebook User reported that he had gone with high blood pressure in a clinic. As a result, the physician replied: “In your age you can die in it.” The User is 54 years old.

? "You nothing is missing you are just fett" – on Reddit, people are sharing their most extreme experiences with Doctors.

The by far most reactions has the (sad) story of a star-reader get from a breast cancer case is reported. A woman doctor had palpated the sister of the Userin a hardened gland, in the chest. But the danger had not been detected. She was, after all, only 28 years old, and that it was “nothing Serious”.

Four months later, was diagnosed, finally, breast cancer that had already spread. Sad point of the story: Just two months later, the sister had died of the disease. Prior to the cancer diagnosis, the sister had been in pain for many Doctors because of back. But you’ve said the (overweight) woman that she “should lose a little weight”. At the time, so it is reported by the woman on Facebook, infest the metastases of the spinal cord a long time ago.

There is also understanding for the “honest” statements of Doctors

Many of the comments show that it is – and this is nothing New – often more useful when Doctors ask for a second opinion. Nevertheless, there are among the commentators on our Facebook page also supporters of “honest” statements of Doctors. A User writes, for example, that it is good when Doctors pronounce it without a sheet in front of the mouth to take the truth – even if it is sometimes painful. Another star reader asks when the report comes up with the “worst things we had to listen to Doctors of patients,”. The list would certainly be also long.