This doesn’t happen with your teeth, if you’re going on a year-long prophylaxis – Video

This doesn’t happen with your teeth, if you’re going on a year-long prophylaxis – Video

The annual prophylaxis at the dentist is for many not a popular appointment. One or the other can you like to be. However, this can have serious consequences for the teeth and the whole body.

In addition to thorough care and sugar low diet the dental prophylaxis is the best means of its dental health for as long as possible to maintain. The prophylaxis comprises all measures for the prevention and early detection of diseases of the teeth and in the mouth. These include, among other things,

  • the professional dental cleaning and Tartar removal,
  • Fluoridation measures
  • Fissure sealants for caries prophylaxis
  • Early detection of oral cavity cancer.

As a rule of thumb, his teeth about every six months to professionally clean. Neglect patients these recommended rhythm, it may come unnoticed to harmful consequences. The following steps provide a rough guideline for the approximate timing of the Occurrence of certain diseases. When and if they develop, however, always dictated by the thoroughness of their own oral hygiene, the diet, as well as of genetic factors related.

Stephan Ziegler is a principal dentist and founder of the KU64-the dental practice in Berlin.

6 months without a Dental prophylaxis

Who is not more than six months for preventive examination at the dentist, risking unnoticed, occurring in tiny cavities on the teeth. They arise as a result of caries bacteria residing preferably on pads and to convert the food ingested sugar-damaging acid. Even the best home oral care tiny food debris and plaque, which can often only with a professional cleaning to remove in hard-to-reach corners and between rooms. This remains over a longer period of time, progresses the tooth decay. This is not the only risk of a lack of medical investigation. Also, the first signs of tumors in the oral cavity remain undetected, reducing the chances of a successful treatment are reduced.

1 year without prophylaxis to the dentist

In this stage, the gum is sitting on the edge coverings with their acid-producing bacteria in the small holes, usually to irritation and inflammation of the gums. It often leads to swelling and slight bleeding during Brushing. Due to the complaints many patients tend to brush the affected areas as well, which promotes the growth of bacteria, and the Suffering will be aggravated. Best offer on

2 years without prophylaxis

Two years without a dentist visit, feel Concerned, in some cases, the first pain, the causes of which were often in the more progressive caries or gingivitis. The bacteria can now be found mostly on the outside of the gingival margin, but also on deeper Parts of the entire holding apparatus. Initially, swollen, and bleeding gums starts to form now back and it is a small triangular hollow emerge in the spaces between the teeth. Teeth increasingly lose their Grip.

This process is explained by experts to stop, but not reverse. For some it comes to at this time already to a bacterial colonization of the roots. More complex measures, such as a root canal treatment are needed to resolve the resulting health damage.

What many do not know: inflammatory foci in the oral cavity are often the trigger for serious diseases throughout the body. Because bacteria and their produced toxins can penetrate through the bloodstream to other regions of the human organism and harmful to there health reactions. Experts discuss about the extent to which diseases of the gums can the risk for heart attack and stroke, chronic respiratory diseases and even premature births increase.

5 years without prophylaxis

Who has not sat for five or more years on the treatment chair, has rarely a serious oral situation and severely damaged the tooth structure. Tooth coverings have developed by the deposition of minerals to hard dental stone, which is subject to discoloration yellow-brownish to black. On its rough surface for more bacteria esters, fuelling already existing inflammation is increasingly cavort. As a result, the risk of Cysts and collections of Pus in the jaw rises. It came in the previous years, a periodontal disease, is advanced, usually as far as that first teeth lose their Hold and fall out. From the age of 40 years, periodontitis is the main cause for tooth loss.

10 years without prophylaxis

Oral and dental health in this stage to worry about. The bacteria-infected tooth substance has, in many patients, a strong Softening, wear and dark discoloration. Several teeth are just sitting loose in the jaw, formed by the deeper inflammation. A cross-tooth decay is to stop at this point, hardly be and patients need to think about tooth replacement solutions such as dental implants.