Virologist Christian Drosten warns of renewed Corona propagation: All of the alarm sensors, turn on

Virologist Christian Drosten warns of renewed Corona propagation: All of the alarm sensors, turn on

Christian Drosten, a virologist at Berlin’s Charité hospital, warned in the current episode of his podcast in front of a too careless handling of the population with the Coronavirus. There is evidence that the Virus will come again – “in Berlin and other places,” says Drosten. In view of the current Coronavirus outbreak in Gütersloh, Germany, with more than 1300 documented infections, Drosten said, it must be prevented that the Virus is “spread through this area and beyond”. The circle is in view of the numerous cases of infection in a slaughterhouse in Lockdown. Also the Neighboring district of Warendorf is affected by the restrictions.

Corona-infections in slaughterhouses

Clemens Tönnies – the man who sends a County in the Lockdown

With a view to the coming weeks of the virologist warned to be more vigilant: “I am not optimistic that we will have in a month, or even a peaceful Situation as it is now, in terms of the epidemic activity. In two months, I think, we will not have a Problem if we turn back now, all of the alarm sensors, ( … ).” The first wave was held back in Germany due to a comparatively mild Lockdown-efficient. As a result, the population gained a time of rest. “But now we see also how the Virus comes back.”

As a largely secured, the Corona of propagation is reduced due to warm ambient temperatures. Drosten cautioned, however, to overestimate this “summer effect”. A second wave could develop in the warm summer months, he said. As an example, he cited the Situation in some American southern States. There, the people would run “in spite of the high ambient temperatures in a terrible Situation pure.”

Also RKI-boss urges caution

Recently, there had been in Germany, new Corona Cluster, to gatherings of several people. Drosten advised in the light of these cases, to be more careful: It is better to meet with many people at once. Closed rooms, loud music and alcohol was also driven by a Transmission, so Drosten. “All of these things are not good.”

In Germany the infection are increased in numbers with the Coronavirus recently, the R-value – a measure of how many people are infects a of Infected in the cut was well above the factor of 2.

According to the RKI, the heads of Lothar Wieler significant local eruption were to happen responsible, he said at a press conference. “But it could also have other reasons.” It is now a question of “to be mindful”. “The Virus is still in our country, and if we give him the Chance to spread, then it takes you.”

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