Vitamin pills do not store in kitchen or bathroom

Vitamin pills do not store in kitchen or bathroom

Join the spring diet, or to strengthen the immune system: Many people take dietary supplements. Whether the vitamins, minerals & Co also depends on the proper intake and dosage. But also the storage of the tablets can affect the effectiveness.

Such as medicines, food supplements sensitive to moisture. Therefore, the packs should not be stored in the bathroom or in the kitchen, advises pharmacist Christopher Gulde, Vice President of the state pharmacists ‘ Association of Baden-Württemberg. "Alone the humidity when cooking and bathing and showers can result in vitamins, chemical processes in motion. As a result, the structure of the vitamins will be changed or even destroyed."

Who capsules its Vitamin C, for example, a week in a moist bathroom is kept, it might be the intake, since the effect is gone in this time almost completely. “Also some supplements with B-vitamins react similarly empfindlich", Gulde explains. Medicine and pharmacy are best kept in the bedroom in a closet. There it is in a dry, dark, and rather cool. In addition to humidity to high or low temperatures can adversely affect the active ingredients.


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