Why select an Escape Hour for an adventurous escape

Why select an Escape Hour for an adventurous escape

Escape Hour is a VR game that offers an environment of a complete walkthrough with shooting guns and quests to finish. This is a quest game that offers a real escape room for you and your team. One can play conveniently for one hour without any interruption. The game is exciting and thrilling loaded with riddles, surprise, puzzles, challenges, enigmas, and mysteries. It is a mind game with hidden objects, snakes, hints, crucial information and so much more which either takes you closer or away from solving your quest game.

What is an escape room and a locker room?

One can choose an escape location to either Edmonton or Calgary. The escape rooms are simple in its first look. However, you will soon find that there is so much mystery hidden to unfold. The game becomes challenging and exciting as you begin noticing one by one. You can set the difficulty level of the game. There are locker rooms where the player gets stuck and has to find a way out to get back into the game. By looking for the exact hints, listening carefully to the guiding game master, and with the help of your teammates, you should be able to exit the locker room.

Escape Hour tests your teamwork and your quickness in solving your game. It will assess your searching capabilities, leadership, and problem-solving skills. This game has difficult escape rooms. Hence, at least two players are essential for each escape room. For assistance, and assisting game master is there all through the game. There are surprises in all the escape rooms. Your smart thinking capability is put to test with the puzzles and ideas within the game.

Updated game every time

Escape rooms are on various topics such as matrix theme, bank robbery, etc. Their rooms are unique and give you adventure and astonishment all through the game. This game keeps itself updated by adding new themes. This way the players have new themes, puzzles, and riddles to work on. The players can succeed with new thinking and innovation with a sense of accomplishment by the end of the game.

The game has high video quality from excellent room layout, puzzle clarity, new activities, and product innovation. There is a facility to book rooms. These escape rooms are available only for the booked person and their teammates. It is a private play-only room.

Escape room games are real-life adventure games that are very safe to play. You will be blown away with the experience and the challenges. The game is with real people, time, and place. The game is made such that its experience speaks for itself. So, take pleasure in the escape room experience with Escape Hour and unveil your smart side.